You may be have the opportunity to create a video or video presentation for a class assignment. Below are several resources for recording and creating online presentations.

Selfie Video

There are many options when it comes to recording a selfie video. These include:

  • Phone: Use your mobile phone to record the video then upload it to YouTube or MyMedia. Use an embed code or link to post it in Canvas.
  • Canvas Video Recorder: Record your video directly in Canvas using the Media tool in the Rich Content Editor. How to Record a Video in Canvas 

Narrated PowerPoint

Narrating a PowerPoint is often a great method for creating presentations. For more information on how to create a narrated PowerPoint visit the CAS Online and Academic Technology website.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is another option for presentations. This allows you to record what is on your computer screen while also adding narration. Zoom and MyMedia are two options available for creating screen recordings. For more information visit the Screen Recording section of the CAS Online and Academic Technology website.

Presentation Apps

There are many different apps available for creating presentations. These include:

Video Editing

Below are several options for editing video you have created.

Video Storage

How to Embed a Video in a Canvas Discussion

Once you have created a video and uploaded it to a video storage solution (YouTube, MyMedia, etc.) you can embed the video in your discussion using an embed code. For more information click the link below.
How to Embed a Video in a Canvas Discussion

Use of Images in Your Presentations

Using images in your PowerPoints/Presentations will help bring vibrancy to your subject and improve the visual appeal of your presentation. Make sure to incorporate images into the presentation you put together for class.

Here are some tips on where to find images and how to use them properly.


Like all other forms of media, images may be subject to copyright. The easiest way to find images you have legal permission to use is to locate one of the following types of images:

  • Public domain
  • Creative Commons
  • Ones that you own


The following are some of the best places to look for Creative Commons or public domain images:

>>Remember that you must cite all images that are Creative Commons.

Photo by Martin Lopez from Pexels